We consider all schools to be our partners. We also work closely with COCO, Water for Kids and GrifAid. Through the involvement with these partners and schools, we have developed some projects that support communities and schools.



Both based in the North East of England, Development Direct and COCO have worked closely alongside one another on multiple projects, particularly in Kenya.

Whilst there is some overlap in the work of Development Direct and COCO, Development Direct focuses more heavily in the development of school partnerships and seeking to improve teaching and learning based around health education. COCO focuses more heavily on investing in infrastructure and sustainability.

By having a thorough understanding of both organisations, we are able to work together to ensure our expertise has the greatest possible impact on the communities we work with.


Water for Kids

Water for Kids current projects in East Africa aim to protect the health of children in the developing world by providing safe drinking water for the first time.

Evaluation has shown improved attendance at schools and fewer cases of waterborne disease

Water for Kids considers sustainability in its projects. There is no point in bothering unless it’s going to last. We involve the local community and work closely with local health professionals.



Grifaid® is a not-for-profit company based in the UK, engaged in the design and production of filters for clean drinking water. Inspired by the global need for safe water, our filters are currently being used in over 40 countries.

The filters are called the Grifaid® Family Filter and the Grifaid® Community Filter and they remove all biological pathogens down to 0.01 microns. They are designed to last for a minimum of 6 years, requiring no spare parts, cartridges, or electricity. They produce safe drinking water on demand, at a rate of 90 litres/hour and 300 litres/hour respectively.