Case studies and projects

Solar Lamps

The Nuru Fund originally set up by Gentoo Green, Sunderland, provided finance for us to buy in solar lamps for families who had no access to light after sundown. The families repaid the cost of the lamp over a period of time and the funds collected were then used to buy further lamps. Coordinator, Benson Oswago, subsequently visited Gentoo.


Water Filters

As school links have developed, there has been a desire by the UK school to raise funds to provide clean drinking water for schools. Water filters have been purchased and distributed by GrifAid. Pupils are trained on their use and how to care for the filters.


Guest House

The clinic at VIAGENCO in Western Kenya needed accommodation for volunteers. This was a major project and we had support from Gentoo Green who used their savings through recycling to provide funding. The guest house was finished and has been put to good use. Not only can it accommodate visitors but it is also used as the base for a health project.


Labentera Nursery School

Following a visit to this Maasai village, it became apparent that the way of life of this rural community was changing. They are becoming less nomadic. The nearest school was too far for the youngest children to walk there. A nursery school was needed. This project was started by a visiting student nurse, Nicola, and then continued by other groups of young people, notably Ponteland High School pupils, parents and governors. The school now has two classrooms and two latrines. Individual UK sponsors ensure that staff are trained. A UK church ensure that the teachers are paid.